Woman granted injunction after she says Social Security employee stalked her via text message

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 18:20:51-05

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla., - A second woman is now claiming that a Social Security Administration employee stalked her by text message after she went to the Port Charlotte branch on January 4th.

“You go into these buildings thinking everything’s confidential,” the victim said. She did not want her name identified.

She says the guy that attended her was Daniel Foster.

“He said hi this is Danny from Social Security. I’d be interested in getting to know you further,” she said.

The woman says despite repeated pleas for him to stop contacting her, Foster continued for weeks. Weeks that she’s spent fearing for her safety.

As a result, she’s filed a complaint with the Social Security Administration. She’s also been granted an injunction against Foster.

This is not the first time the Social Security employee has been accused of using his position to get women’s numbers and texting them.

In January, 4 In Your Corner pressed for answers after another woman made the same claim.

When 4 In Your Corner tried to get Foster’s side of the story, he declined to comment and shut the door.

When 4 In Your Corner reached out to the Social Security Administration to find out what they’re doing about the repeated complaints, a spokesperson said they can’t discuss specific personnel matters.

A spokesperson with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says they’re actively investigating the matter but says the Social Security Administration isn’t completely cooperating.

“This is a systemic problem. All forms of the government, when there is a bad employee, the rules and regulations make it so difficult to get rid of that employee that they just try to brush it under the rug,” said Scott Weinberg, an attorney not affiliated with this case.

“I want to see him arrested. Nobody should be able to do this to any woman no matter where you work,” the victim said.

As of Friday afternoon, we’re told that employee is still on the job.

The FBI isn’t disclosing if they are investigating this case.