Video shows police at home once linked to Cape shooter before he was killed

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 06:35:08-04

A Cape Coral man's surveillance video shows nine squad cars rushing to a home in his neighborhood that was once linked to the shooter in a recent shooting spree.

Records show at one time the home was in Christopher Moran and his mother Mary's name.

The home is located half of a mile away from where cops shot and killed Moran after he shot and killed two others.

At around 6:30 the night of the shooting, Frank Kminek walked outside his home on SW 11th Court and saw several police cars speed out of his neighborhood.  "Minutes later, heard a volley of shots," Kminek said.

He checked his surveillance video and saw nine squad cars come in "very cautiously" down the street past his house.

The video shows the cars pulling in front of a house a few doors down.

The last car drove by Kminek's home at 6:29:55 PM. At 6:30:07 PM - twelve seconds later - it shows the cars "rapidly leaving" the neighborhood.

Cape Coral Police said it was at 6:32 PM they shot and killed Moran.

The video showed Kminek walking onto his back porch after he said he heard the gunfire at 6:32 PM.

"It had to be thirty shots or more, and they all came from the Skyline area of 52nd and Skyline," Kminek said.

That's the area police said they caught up with Moran, and it's a half of a mile away from Kminek's home.

Kminek wants to know why the nine Cape Coral Police cars pulled into his neighborhood just before that shooting.

"My theory was that he was coming home. I thought they knew where he lived or had relations," Kminek said.

A search revealed at one point in time, the house the cars pulled up to was listed under the suspect and his mother Mary Moran's name.

Kminek said he had no idea.

Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg went up to the house. It had signs on it that said "No trespassing. Nobody at this residence is related to or has any knowledge of the people involved in the recent shooting incident."

The family living inside the home said she's lived there for more than a year and has nothing to do with the shooting or the family.

Fox 4 asked Cape Coral Police why their police cars showed up at the home.

"That's part of the ongoing investigation and we wouldn't be able to give any additional information on that at this time," Sgt. Dana Coston said.

The latest property records show the home that used to be in the name of the shooter and his mom is now owned by an investment group.