VIDEO: Fight breaks out at Cape Coral McDonald's

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jul 08, 2016

A video of a group of kids fighting at the McDonald's on Santa Barbara Boulevard was posted to twitter.

The McDonald's is right next to Cape Coral High School.

Parents told Four in Your Corner it's not unusual to see crowds of kids gathered at the restaurant, and they are concerned about the safety.

The video shows at least twenty kids punching and kicking each other. One kid even picks up and throws another kid to the ground.

Jerry Bradstreet said the video doesn't surprise him because there are always groups of kids hanging out at the McDonald's.

He said he chooses to go to the McDonald's on Pine Island Road instead, and wouldn't let his kids hang out at the one on Santa Barbara.

"I have a family. I wouldn't bring myself into that situation. You see a parking lot full of kids like that," Bradstreet said.

Two years ago, a fight turned into a shots fired call at the McDonald's on Santa Barbara. At the time, Cape Coral Police said a man fired at someone from a moving car, but no one was hurt.

In the last five weeks, Fox 4found police responded to the restaurant next to Cape Coral High School four times for disturbance and juvenile problem calls.

The man who sent us the video of the fight is the father of two of the kids involved. One of his sons told the manager to call the cops, but he said she didn't.

The owner of the McDonald's said in a statement: "We called the police to the restaurant for an altercation in the parking lot and they responded. However, the crowd quickly disbursed before the officers arrived."

He also said the store does have a no loitering policy.

After watching the video, Bradstreet said the McDonald's needs to strengthen their rules.

"If you're not here to spend money, you can't be on my property. That's what I would do, anyway," he said.