Victims of violent armed home invasion speak out

Posted at 7:04 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 19:24:35-04
CAPE CORAL Fla.- Victim's of an armed home invasion in Cape Coral speak out about the incident. 
"Where's the money at, you hid it in here? And I said, I don't have your money. I don't know what you're talking about and he said, 'Imma shoot it, tell me where it is!," said the victim.
A terrifying encounter that left a teen too afraid to reveal her identity. The victim told Fox 4, she was visiting Jessica Constantine at her Cape Coral home in the 900 block of SE 27th Terrace, when two gunman broke through a patio door and demanded cash. 
"They held the guns to us and said that we'll shoot you," said Jessica Constantine.  
Constantine says her parents and two younger sibling were in the home, as she pleaded with the gunmen to leave. 
"Put your guns down; step outside; maybe we can work something out; and they were like, no we just want the money or we're going to shoot you," said Constantine. 
The teen's say the men were after $230. 
"It could have been for drugs, they sell drugs, they do drugs," said Constantine. However, they insist they never purchased drugs from the two gunmen. 
"I've got no idea where that alleged money would have come from come," Constantine. 
Two bullets are now lodged in the engine of Constantine's friend's car, and another left a hole in her back fender. 
Cape Coral Detective Sergeant Dana Coston told Fox 4 it's not yet clear whether or not those shots were fired over drug money. 
"There may be additional information that the detectives have ascertained and have in their notes so I'm going to have to say I will have to hold off on that right now," said Det. Sgt. Coston. 
Authorities say the home invasion was appears to be an isolated event, and the public is not in danger. This is an ongoing investigation.