Veteran's service dog traumatized when her car was vandalized

Posted at 10:51 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 22:51:01-05

A disabled veteran fighting for her service dog.

Amanda Goodlin was injured in the line of duty after serving our country. But she's had to search far and wide for help after her car was vandalized in December.

Goodlin ran errands for her 94-year-old grandmother living with dementia.

She left her dog, Boo Radley in the car, while she ran back inside to retrieve her grandmother's walker, then her heart sank.

"The manager came to me and said that your vehicle had been vandalized, I was completely panicked because I thought he was hurt or worse," said Goodlin.

She found her trusted companion shaking with fear.

"It traumatized him," she said.

Boo Radely needing desensitization training after she says two teens tossed dozens of eggs and cans at her car.

"You two threw egg after egg after egg because they threw over 75 eggs, it wasn't four or five eggs. They destroyed my vehicle," said Goodlin.

The disabled veteran called police and confronted her tormentors.

"'Did you not see my service animal's red vest that says service animal'? One of the juveniles said, 'I just saw it was a white dog'. I said, 'You did see there was an animal in the vehicle and you continued what you were doing'," said Goodlin.

She says one of the boy's fathers tried to get Goodlin to accept $500 and an apology. When she declined, he didn't take it too well.

"He accused me of trying to profit from this and you just want me to pay for your dog to be trained," she said.