Vehicle suspected in deadly hit & run impounded

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 18:31:44-04

A pickup truck suspected of being involved in a deadly hit and run crash Monday morning was impounded Wednesday in Cape Coral. Now, investigators hope it will lead to the arrest of the vehicle's driver.

Florida Highway Patrol investigators impounded a 1990 Chevy pickup from a condominium parking lot on Victoria Drive in south Cape Coral. FHP confirmed that the truck is suspected of being involved in the crash that killed Roy Morrison, 62, on Pine Island Road in North Fort Myers on Monday.

"They were trying to, I guess, look for the people who owned the truck," said Shanon Diehm, who lives in an apartment across the street from where the truck had been left. She said she never saw the driver.

"Apparently some neighbors had seen the gentleman who was there continue to walk to the park," Diehm said. Four Freedoms Park is just down the street from the scene.

Another neighbor who lives across the street from the condo parking lot has surveillance cameras mounted at his residence. He told Fox 4 that detectives took a copy of his surveillance video, in hopes that it might show the driver of the Chevy truck.

"In regards to the identity of the driver, that part remains under investigation," said Lt. Greg Bueno of FHP.

He said that whoever the driver was who fled the crash that killed Morrison, they made a bad situation much worse.

"If you make the conscious decision to leave the scene, whether it's property damage, injury, or in this case, death, you're a criminal," Bueno said. "Criminals go to jail."

He said that 186 lost their lives in hit and run crashes last year in Florida.