Two Jewish centers evacuated after bomb threat

Posted at 10:56 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 22:56:08-05

Squad cars and crime scene tape outside two Jewish centers, an elementary school and a holocaust museum.

The threats targeted Jews in Central Florida but it's violence that's not new to people living in Southwest Florida.

"There have been some concerning instances around Florida in Naples and Sarasota with vandalism. But, the truth is that it is happening all across the United States," said Nicole Luna, a rabbi at Temple Beth El in Fort Myers.

The two threats evacuated over 40 people in Orlando. Police searched for explosives, but never found anything. The Jewish centers in Central Florida experienced a similar threat a year ago.

"This is something that Jewish communities all around are dealing with," said Rabbi Luna.

She says the bomb threats in Orlando had them beef up their security at Temple Beth El.

"We do have excellent security at the temple and in light of recent events, we are increasing it," said Rabbi Luna.

It is an increase on top of the security cameras, coded entry and motion sensor lights already in place. It is a safe feeling for the people who worship there.

"We appreciate the opportunity that we have had in this community to practice our religion safely here in Fort Myers here at Temple Beth El," said Daniel Krauss.

The Krauss family watching proudly, as Leia recites readings in Hebrew in preparation for her Bar Mitzvah.

Rabbi Luna feels anti-semiticincidents unite and rally the community rather than divide it.

"We know that we are not alone. We are very grateful that most people here are certainly joining us in the fight against anti-semitism, against hatred, against bigotry and truly we want this to be a place of love and support for everyone," she said.

Central Florida authorities will be looking into phone records in order to make an arrest in the bomb threat.