Travelers ready to take off

Posted at 4:29 PM, Nov 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-12 16:29:50-05

CAPE CORAL, Florida — Now that Travel restrictions have been lifted, many passengers are ready to take off and see the world.

"We're actually going on a cruise next month so, we're all good. We got vaccinated and we're doing our thing," said Fort Myers resident Kevin Hurley.

With the borders being open again, some countries are still taking some precautions.

"Requirements are changing all the time," said travel agent Lorraine Kennedy.

Many travel agents like Lorraine Kennedy, have seen a big increase in clients over the last week.

but she said, she's constantly telling them each country has their own guidelines.

"You need to check the travel requirements for each country," said Kennedy. "Some destinations will require medical insurance and not even a Covid test."

Many travelers are still excited to see the world, and know that will come with a little extra precaution.

"Definitely a lot of precautions taken," said Hurley, "but we're doing what we have to do and doing out thing and having some fun."

Travel agents are advising clients to do a little research about the country you are visiting, and to ask the agents questions if you're unsure.

"Get everything lined up, have your testing done," said Preferred Travel agent Kristina Gear. "Get your vaccination records in order so that everything is ready to go, to make it a seamless experience."