Three people arrested in Fort Myers narcotics bust

Posted at 10:15 PM, Dec 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 22:15:12-05

A narcotics bust in Fort Myers took some dangerous drugs off the streets in Southwest Florida.

Lee County Sheriff deputies found a little over $1200 in cash surrounded by cocaine, marijuana, molly, bath salts, drug paraphernalia, and a hand gun in a room at the Palm Beach Motel.

"The amount that they had in this motel was certainly enough to be distributed to cause harm to several people," said Brandon Short, who works as a psychiatrist at Nextep in Fort Myers.

Lee County Sheriff arrested Otis Maldonado, Ivan Diaz and Alexis Murphy. Maldonado and Diaz have a combined 67 arrests.

The narcotics team also found a child in the room. Police say Maldonado and Murphy had their child with them when they were busted.

Short relieved the patients he helps to treat at Nextep won't have to worry about this batch of drugs from ruining lives.

"Cocaine is one of the top killers in the drug community. bath salts cause crazy results. people doing things you'd never think were humanly possible, eating each other. thank god we got this off the streets because it could cause so much damage so many lives could've been effected by this," he said.