Mold problem plagues apartment tenants in Estero

Posted at 7:00 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 19:00:49-05
People living at the Reef Apartments in Estero tell Fox 4 they're having a big problem with mold throughout the complex. 
Gabriella Pullano said she's woken up with a sore throat numerous times without knowing why, but she thinks it's mold. She says it's covered everything in her apartment from walls, mattresses, dressers, and even her shoes.
"I personally think that the mold comes from something that was done wrong with this building," Pullano said.
She said the Reef sent someone out to clean up the mold, and even installed a dehumidifier. She said they also told her they would have someone check the air conditioning.
But the way that they're handling it, it's not like it's a serious matter," Pullano said. "I think that it's very serious, because we're surrounded by it. We're inhaling it."
After she posted photos of the mold on Facebook,  she said it got a huge response.
"I've gotten hundreds of comments, photos, likes by people who live in the Reef and have mold on their clothes, under their drawers, and on their shoes," Pullano said.
A manager for the Reef said she could not comment to Fox 4, other than to say they were talking to regional supervisors about how to deal with the mold.
The Reef also sent an email to their tenants regarding the mold problem, giving them tips for preventing it like making sure exhaust fans are while cooking and showering. 
Pullano said she wants to see the Reef management take aggressive action to deal with the mold.
"The longer that this goes on, the worse it's getting," she said.