Teen Missionary: Jewelry saves lives

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 23:40:03-04


A Fort Myers teenage girl has a passion for making the world a more beautiful place.

She's taking her growing jewelry business and using it to fund missions trips to Nicaragua where she is helping abandoned kids living in a city dump.

16 year old Julia stone loves to make things, especially jewelry for her sister and her mother.

Her mother Deborah Stone says, "Her sister and I have told her how great it is and she could do something with it."

Julia didn't really seem to care, it was just a hobby.

But, then she went on a mission trip last year to Nicaragua with Riverside Church.

There she met children living in a city dump.

Julia says the smallest gesture of kindness was met with beautiful smiles and unimaginable gratitude.

The mission trip gave Julia a sense of purpose.

Her mother says, "When she came back , she wanted to go on a second one. And we said, you have to raise money this time. you really are gong to have to do it."

Determined, Julia started pitching her jewelry creations to friends at church.

Posting on Facebook, orders started pouring in and now she is even selling her pieces at the Lofty Fig in downtown Fort Myers.

Julia is now able to easily pay the $1400 required to go on the next mission trip, so now she is raising more money so she can sponsor kids and put them in school.

But, when shes not doing missionary work she says her hands will not be idle.

She will continue making more jewelry.