Talking Trump & Hillary pens for sale

They are hard to keep in stock
Posted at 10:44 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 23:11:12-04

They are hard to keep in stock, even with a price tag of $15.95, talking Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton pens are selling like crazy at Imagine gift shop in Naples.

"As soon as they came in, they went out," said owner Emily Calandrelli.  "People have been buying them for a few months now and I can't keep them in stock."

She's sold about 500 of them in the past few months, and recently sold out of the Hillary pens, which only make one sound, mocking the former Secretary of State's laugh.

The Trump pens have 8 expressions, including his famous "I'm going to build a wall" line.

Calandrelli says she didn't want to get into politics this election cycle, but thought the pens would be too good to pass up.

"It's a little bit different than what we would normally sell, but again because Donald is Donald, it just sells itself."
Calandrelli is expecting a shipment of talking Hillary Clinton buttons that poke fun at her recent email scandal.