SWFL man saw strangers' card info on

Posted at 10:17 PM, Dec 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-18 22:17:54-05

A southwest Florida shopper was startled by what he found on when he was doing some holiday shopping, and it's raising questions about just how secure the popular website is with your information.

David Anderson was browsing the site for a swingset for his grand daughters.

When he logged into his account to check out, he saw the credit cards, names, and personal information of three different people: one from Chicago, one from Minnesota, and one from Michigan.

"Sherri, Leah, and Alex have their credit card information exposed," Anderson said.

He said the website selected Sherri's credit card when he was trying to complete his purchase.

"It took me right up to where you click confirm for the purchase," Anderson said.

Of course he didn't confirm any purchases, but he did immediately delete his credit card information and call Walmart.

"Left a message,  never got a call back, and that's when I called you all, because I think this is the sort of thing that should get fixed," Anderson said.

He's right, so Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg called Walmart.

A specialist said by phone their security team is looking into the issue and add it appears to be isolated to Anderson's account.

Anderson said he'll be able to breathe easy when he knows no one is at risk.

"I just want to make sure they close up this hole so that no one else is exposed," he said.

Anderson suggests never save your credit card information on a website and always check your credit card statements for unusual transactions.

If you've encountered a problem like this on, call 239-206-FOX4 so we can look into it.



"The other payment information has been deleted from the account. We reached out to the customer to walk him through additional steps and are waiting to hear back from him.

The most likely cause is that an unauthorized party logged into the account using the customer’s credentials, which may have been obtained through phishing emails, malware or breaches of other sites the customer visits. After reviewing our records, our systems prevented those attempted purchases. If you’re reporting this to your viewers, it’s important to give a few security tips:
·         Avoid using the same username and password on different sites, and change passwords frequently.
·         Exercise caution when receiving suspicious emails or visiting unfamiliar sites.
·         Frequently update antivirus software on all devices.
·         More information on scams and additional security tips can be found below: