SWAT team raid Cape Coral home

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 07:24:53-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Members of the Cape Coral Police Department and SWAT team raided a home on Viceroy Street in Cape Coral Wednesday afternoon.

41-year-old Andy Hyacinthe and 32-year-old Stephanie Jennings were arrested for various drug charges.

SWAT Team members served a search warrant after police say Hyacinthe sold cocaine to undercover detectives. Police also recovered more than 15 grams of crack cocaine on Jennings' person.

Neighbors say the residence has been a crack house for a few years.  "Starts at 8 o clock goes all the way until 2 in the morning. In and out. They're there ten minutes and they're gone," said Ron Stur, a nearby resident.

Cape Coral Police Department tells Fox4 it's not uncommon for the SWAT team to be called when serving a warrant.

"What you tend to see is people who are engaged in the drug trade protecting their drugs and their cash with firearms. As a result of that, we use our SWAT team on high risk warrant services," said Detective Sergeant Dana Coston, a spokesman with Cape Coral Police.

Neighbors applaud the move from officers but question the owner's decision to rent to drug dealers.

"'I'm glad to see they came and straightened it out again. If the guy that owns the place puts good renters in there, there shouldn't be a problem," said Lloyd Edris, a resident on Viceroy Street.

Parker Properties owns the home raided by police. They tell Fox 4 that Hyacinthe and Jennings had been up for eviction prior to the drug bust for not paying rent. Both are being held at Lee County Jail.