SW Floridians tune in for Presidential Debate

Posted at 12:00 AM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 00:00:23-04

Southwest Floridians gathered for Presidential Debate watch-parties across the area, tuning in to support their candidate, or to learn more before making a final decision.

Leading up to Monday night’s debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were neck and neck in the polls, making the debate crucial for both candidates to win over the undecided voters.

At a Trump watch-party at Bistro 41 in Fort Myers, the Southwest Florida Young Republicans Club came together.

“I think he did great,” 23-year-old Max Hortengren said. “He came out very aggressive, but actually kept a cool head, and called Hillary out on some of the things she didn’t want brought to light.”

“I think he did well. I think he attacked when he needed to, but he didn’t go over the top,” 24-year-old Alex said. “{Hillary} opened herself up a little bit, and when he saw the opportunity, he went for it, but he proved he wasn’t the attack dog everybody thought he was.”

At a Hillary Clinton watch-party at the Fort Myers Headquarters of the Florida Democratic Party, supporters gathered to cheer her on.

“Hillary is going specific, and {Trump} is going general. He is saying we’re going to get lots of jobs, we're going to do great, but nothing specific. So this is the issue I think people need to see, that he says a lot of things, but never specific. He took some of the stuff he said in his speeches, and he's using it again with nothing specific,” Chairman of the Democratic Party for Lee County Yoseph Tedros said. “People are going to see the true Hillary, and see Donald doesn't really have the grasp of the topics, and also how his demeanor is.”

This debate was only the first of three Presidential Debates where Trump and Clinton will battle it out for your vote.