Reminder: Clocks turn back an hour this weekend, even in Florida

Posted: 10:21 AM, Nov 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-02 10:21:36-04
Reminder: Clocks turn back an hour this weekend, even in Florida

We're giving you one good excuse to sleep an extra hour this weekend!  Daylight Saving Time is ending, and that means you'll be turning the clocks back as you hit the hay Saturday.

The idea of changing the clocks twice a year first came about to provide more daylight during the evening hours in the spring and summer and was later implemented as a way to try and conserve energy.

Since then, studies have gone back and forth as to whether any more or less energy is used.

Daylight Saving Time happens Sunday, Nov. 4.

And yes, Florida is still participating in Daylight Saving Time, despite recent legislation.

In March, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that will let Florida remain on daylight saving time year round. 

The bill was set to take effect July 1, 2018, when a majority of the bills approved in the 2018 legislative session become law. However, the bill has not been approved by Congress.

The bill has to be passed by U.S. Congress because if approved, Florida would not always remain on the same time schedule as the rest of the Eastern United States time zone. The same issue would apply to Northwest Florida, which is currently in the Central time zone.

Under federal law, there are only two ways in which an area in the United States can be moved from one time zone to another. One of which states that Congress may enact a statute changing the time zone.

A bill filed by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio has languished in the Senate Commerce Committee, along with a separate bill Rubio filed to switch the entire country permanently to daylight saving time. Those bills die when the session ends in mid-December, according to the Sun Sentinel.