Rehabilitated manatee returned to home

ORLANDO, Fla - Randall the manatee was returned to the wild after spending nearly a year in rehabilitation.

The manatee was released on Thursday following his stranding in Camp Branch Creek in the Rodman Reservoir complex in Putnam County.

“Randall’s case is not unique. Every year, manatees become entrapped and require assistance. As in this instance, the public can help by reporting trapped manatees and can help prevent entrapments from occurring in the first place,” said Jim Valade, Manatee Recovery Coordinator with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

“FWC was alerted to Randall’s situation by Florida Department of Environmental Protection staff who reported seeing him in an area that was not normally accessible to manatees,” he said. “After Randall’s rescue, changes were made to prevent manatees from getting into that area again. This is an issue where we are trying to be more proactive and the public can play an important role in helping us help manatees.”

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