Pinellas deputies have shootout with wanted suspect

Posted at 8:17 AM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 10:51:33-04

LARGO, Fla. -- A shootout between a suspect and deputies plays out in the middle of a Largo parking lot, with an Uber driver caught in the middle.

Richard Summers was wanted on felony fraud charges and authorities learned he might be trying to flee the country.
Pinellas County deputies tracked down Summers, who was in an Uber.

Deputies told Summers and the driver to put their hands up.

While the driver did, Summers pulled out a gun and started shooting.  Deputies then fired back.

"The only person responsible for those rounds going across the street is Summers, Okay?” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. “Because he didn't have to come out of that car with a gun in his hand and shot at cops. And when you shoot at cops you're going to get shot back at and sometimes the rounds are going to go other than in him".

Summers was pronounced dead at the scene.

No one else was injured.

The sheriff said Summers had an extensive criminal background and didn't want to go back to prison.