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Neighbors point to dangerous road as investigators look at deadly pre-school crash in Arcadia

Imagination Station Pre School
Posted at 5:51 PM, Mar 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 17:51:17-04

ARCADIA, Fla. — A four-year-old girl's death remains under investigation.

On Thursday, Troopers said an 18-year-old driver, Kiara Morant, on Wednesday was driving without a license when FHP said she lost control of the car and crashed through the Imagination Station Learning Center.

FHP said the crash struck and killed a four-year-old and seriously injured another five-year-old little girl who was at the preschool.

Molly Lefebvre, who lives in a home on East Magnolia Street near the preschool told me drivers on that road make her feel unsafe.

“nobody does the speed limit,” said Lefebvre.

On Thursday, families wept outside the preschool hanging decorations on the outside of the fence.

Lefebvre added that she doesn't even let her son go outside alone.

"My son is not allowed to play outside at all, he's not even allowed to get the mail without me," said Lefebvre.

Molly Lefebvre, who said she has lived off East Magnolia Street in Arcadia for two years, said she watches drivers almost wreck on a constant basis.

“You hear people screeching their tires all the time, slamming their brakes. I took concerns like these to Florida Highway Patrol, Lieutenant Gregory S. Bueno asking if this, beyond troopers saying 18-year-old Kiara Rishelle Morant was driving without a license, could also be a factor in the crash. "

On Thursday, Bueno did not comment.

So I called the state attorney’s office, where Kim Ronaldi, an employee for their Arcadia office told me the investigation is still too new for their office to be looking at additional charges.

These are questions residents here, like Lefebvre ask, as they mourn what has happened to two little girls.

“We have big trucks that come around the corner, ya there are a lot of almost accidents right here,” said Lefebvre.