Live mosquito found in packaged spinach at Target in Florida

Posted at 5:34 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 12:18:30-04

(WJAX/CNN) - A Florida shopper says she found a live mosquito inside a Fresh Express pre-packaged bag of spinach at a Target store in Jacksonville.

At first glance, it looked like any other bag of spinach. But upon closer look, you could see a live mosquito crawling around in the greens.

This comes only a few days after a bat carcass was found Fresh Express salad purchased at a Florida Wal-Mart.


"Why aren't there anymore safety measures or precautions taken to ensure that there aren't any rodents or insects in our salads," said shopper Victoria Dawson.

When WJAX-TV called the company to ask these questions, they received the following message.

“Rigorous food safety practices are in place to guard against any material from inadvertently entering the product supply.”

After several attempts Thursday from WJAX-TV, Fresh Express had not offered comment about the mosquito.

"I would not want any more salads from that company ever," said Dawson.

The customer who found the mosquito in the bag of spinach turned the product over to a Target employee.

Courtesy WJAX-TV via CNN Newsource