High school heroes lift truck off woman in Orlando

Posted at 9:41 AM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 09:41:43-05

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Four central Florida high school football players are being hailed heroes after they saved a woman pinned under a lifting the vehicle.

"She's doing much better."  Mark Gentry's wife, Susan, is still in the hospital, recovering, after a remarkable rescue.

A bystander took a photo of a pickup moments after witnesses say a man drove over Susan in an Edgewater Drive crosswalk Thursday.  Witnesses say she pushed her young daughter out of the way.

"The tire was on her chest and it was suffocating her," says Mark.

He and others ran to help, but couldn't quite lift the several thousand pound truck.  Until four Bishop Moore football players -- who just so happened to also be on the weightlifting team -- saw what happened and rushed to help.

They managed to lift the truck long enough to pull Susan to safety.

"Right place at the right time. There's a reason everything happens. Feels like a God moment, you know what I mean?" said rescuer Mario Hernandez.

Mark certainly does.  When asked if these football players didn't step in when they did, what did he think would have happened, Mark replies "I don't want to say what would have happened. We all know it would have been a totally different story."

Mark says his wife had surgery Friday and is out of the trauma unit, suffering a fractured pelvis and several bruised ribs but no internal injuries.  He says she doesn't remember the accident, but wants to thank the young men the family are calling heroes.

"She knows they saved her life."

Meanwhile, Mark says he and his wife hope to thank the four students in person once she gets out of the hospital.