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Accused Orlando shooter pleads not guilty to murder charge

More charges expected against suspected shooter
Posted at 7:41 PM, Feb 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-24 19:09:50-05

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A 9-year-old girl and a journalist from Spectrum News 13 have died following a shooting that wounded four people in the Pine Hills community of Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that 19-year-old Keith Melvin Moses has been identified and is currently in custody.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says Moses has a lengthy criminal history, including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, burglary, and grand theft charges. He is now facing at least one murder charge, with two more expected.

Moses has plead not guilty to the charge, and he is not currently facing any other charges.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about a shooting around 11 a.m. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found 38-year-old Nathacha Augustin dead from a gunshot.

Later, at 4:05 p.m. deputies responded to two other calls of a shooting in the same area.

Two victims were members of the Spectrum News 13 station. Reporter Dylan Lyons was killed, and a photographer identified as Jesse Walden was seriously injured. The two were on scene reporting on the first shooting.

Two other victims were identified as 9-year-old T'yonna Major and her mother. T'yonna was killed and her mother remains in critical condition. T'yonna's father created a GoFundMe to help cover funeral expenses.

Deputies originally believed Moses was an acquaintance of Augustin. An affidavit later revealed that Moses had entered a car with his cousin, who was driving with Augustin.

The witness stated while driving north on Hastings Street, he observed his cousin “Keith” walking north on Hastings Street on the east side of the road. He stated Keith “seemed down” and offered him a “ride.” He stated Keith entered the rear passenger side and sat directly behind Nathacha. He stated they were inside the vehicle for approximately thirty seconds, and heard a loud “bang.” The witness stated he saw Nathacha with blood on her face and decided to pull over at 6114 Hialeah Street. The witness stated he called 911 for assistance, and his cousin Keith left the scene running. The witness stated he did not have any problems with anyone, and to his knowledge, Nathacha did not have any problems with anyone. The witness stated they were not being followed.
Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

It was unclear whether he had any connection to any of the other victims.

When deputies arrested Moses they found a Glock 4, a semi-automatic handgun, inside his pants. According to Orange County Sheriff John Mina, the gun was still hot and had just been fired.

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There has been an outpour of reactions from many in the media, government, and local community leaders, regarding the death of the News13 reporter.

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