SWFL woman helping family homeless after fire

Posted at 10:52 PM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 22:52:58-04

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- Angie Woodburn never met the Lehigh Acres family who lost everything in a brush fire. But, the Estero mother of five is fundraising to help these strangers.

Woodburn spearheaded one goal: Getting Tara and her four children back into a home. It all started with a Facebook support group for moms. It started recently, and little did they know their first project is getting a Lehigh family back on their feet.

The moms and their kids surveying the charred remains of where a Lehigh home once stood.For Woodburn it hits close to home.

"My brother's house burned to the ground just like this one, in a fire in Lehigh and it started the same way: Kids playing with fire," she said.

Woodburn telling Fox 4 why she's putting in all the effort to raise money for the family.  "She's a single mom of four and that was it," said Woodburn.

Angie has been in constant contact with Tara. She even got a chance to talk with Tara's eight year old daughter over the phone. "I promised this little girl that we are going to get her those things back," she said.

Matt LaPierre happened to drive by while the group was assembled. He stopped because he knew this was a chance for him to get involved to help with the building blocks. "I think its awesome the community coming together and I'd like to be apart of it," said LaPierre.

Angie and the group huddling outside of the drive way are apart of it, but they are giving Southwest Florida a chance to pitch in. "Totally on the community to pull together and get this family in a home and help them rebuild their lives," said Woodburn.

They set up a go fund me page as well as a Facebook group, that's where they are going to be listing what items they need to help replace what they lost.

The next big step is to secure a storage facility because they have had donations pour in and need a place to store them. 

To join the Facebook group click here. And to contribute to the GoFundMe page click here.