Southwest Florida shelters rescue animals from Louisiana flooding

Posted at 6:48 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 21:29:58-04

Southwest Florida animal shelters doing their part to save pets left stranded by that historic flooding.

"The shelter that we have all worked with in Louisiana is underwater and they are in desperate need to get their dogs and cats out and we asked 'How can we help'," said Jennifer Galloway from Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Southwest Florida animal shelters launching a large scale rescue operation. They ended up taking in more pets than they originally expected.

"Maybe 10 to 12 dogs would be coming our way so we prepared for that and then we got the email that said thirty dogs and cats are coming on that plane," said Galloway.

The rescued dogs went through a lot of stress. A veterinarian inspected the dogs and was overall impressed with their condition. 

"This group, looks pretty good to me," said Mark Schmidt, a veterinarian at the PAWS animal shelter.
Southwest Floridians wasted no time in checking out the Louisiana flood dogs.

"People are here right now looking at them," said Dr. Schmidt.

Dana Bozian made the trip from Naples. He took home three dogs.

"We are thinking of a German Shepherd, that cute little beagle over there that's sitting, and the beagle behind you that's sleeping," said Bozian.

The shelters have another rescue transport planned for this coming Saturday.