Bear found near Fort Myers school

Posted at 7:25 PM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 07:29:28-04

For the second time in less than a week a black bear tried to enroll at Three Oaks Elementary School.  The furry visitor disrupted the school day and the visit ended peacefully. Florida Fish and Wildlife carrying the sedated bear into a cage.

FWC says the strategy of capturing the bear went smoothly. "It's stressful for the children and the staff here at the school but the fact we were safely capture the bear with no injury to our staff, no injury to the bear. No injury to any other people. It's 100 percent successful in my book," said the FWC spokesperson.

It's the second time this week Three Oaks got a bear visit. There was something on campus bears like to eat. This one specifically was observing the bird feed, you know eating out of the bird feeder that's what brought the bear here and that's what we want to try to avoid," said FWC.

FWC says the students were never in any danger.

School leaders were in constant contact with parents so momma bears at home didn't fret.

"Really confident with our school and principal and all the management. We do not worry at all. When I get the texts every five to ten minutes. We don't worry at all," said Laura Walker, a mother whose children were inside the school.

They say we are in bear country and this might not be the last time a bear might try its hand at being a book worm. "It's not like anyone who lives close by it's not a surprise to anybody," said Mrs. Walker.

FWC will take the bear to a preserve in Southwest Florida. They are still deciding which one in particular.
They did tag the bear in case it decides to come back after spring break is over.