South Fort Myers football coach fired following sex scandal

Posted at 3:12 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 12:06:18-04

The Lee County School District has fired the football coach at South Fort Myers High School following an investigation into after school sex involving students in a school restroom last May.

Head football coach Anthony Dixon was also involved in school security at South Fort Myers High School before he was let go. 

Nathan O'Jibbway is a Physical Education teacher and is still allowed to teach. 

The two coaches were relieved of their coaching duties three months after the incident took place. 

When asked why the coaches were let go three months later, a district spokesperson said they couldn't conduct their investigation until after the Lee County Sheriff's Office completed theirs, which wasn't until June 29th. 

Some mothers of football players said the district is making the wrong decision. 

"He is a man of integrity. He's a man of character, a really great leader and role model. He's got a group of students who need him and are leaning on him. He gives up his time, he gives them his support, he's a great guy and he belongs here," Priscilla Doyle said. She's the President of the Athletic Booster Club. 

"It's a sad day here at South," Susan Smith said. She's the Vice President is the Athletic Booster Club. 

Others said its hard to form an opinion without knowing all the facts, but if the coaches are connected to the incident, it doesn't show a good example. 

"I hope it sends the message that you're just not gonna get by with that stuff," Beverly Street said. 

The 15-year-old girl involved in the sex incident was a victim of human trafficking in the past. 

SFMHS Alumna Qiara Perez said the school staff should have been told about the girl's past and done something to protect her. 

"A personalized plan could be made for the girl, that was he biggest problem here. Rather than blaming the staff who had no idea maybe that this girl has this past or troubles," Perez said. 

According to an email obtained by Four in Your Corner from the girl's mother to Lee County School Superintendent Greg Adkins, the mother made the district aware of the girl's past. 

The email says in part: "I had contacted the school and advised them of my daughters circumstances and at that point in time the correct action would have been to hold a staff meeting to make sure everyone was aware and could take proper precautions with her in school. This was not done. To my understanding the school security guard had no idea until after the incident."

It's unclear if Dixon is the security guard the mother is referring to. 

"It makes me question the integrity of the school district and the staff here, blaming it on someone who's so beloved by the community," Perez said. 

The district was unable to comment further on the circumstances surrounding the two coaches being let go, but said it would have more information within the next 10 days.