Social Security worker accused of texting women for dates

Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 22:18:21-05

Fox 4 Investigator Alan Jennings is breaking new ground into the investigation of Daniel Foster, the Port Charlotte Social Security Office worker accused by a number of women of accessing their personal cell phone numbers, then texting them for a date.

Jennings learned today that six women claim to have been stalked on their cell phones by Foster. Each of them claim the unwanted text messages came within minutes of them leaving the Port Charlotte Social Security Office.

Fox 4 wanted to question Social Security officials about Foster's alleged activities, but officials at the office tell us it's a personnel issue and can't be discussed.

In a public Facebook post, Foster feels there no reason to apologize saying "I am not going to apologize for attempting to meet a decent person in this area who isn't a druggie or deadbeat."

Charlotte County detectives say they are reviewing the accusations made by the women.  If the law was broken they will make the appropriate charges.  Jennings is on the case and will update the investigation as it moves along.