Shooting near Stars Complex raises security questions

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 18:19:02-05

The Stars Complex in Fort Myers was on lock-down as Fort Myers Police were investigating a shooting feet away Thursday afternoon. Police say the shooting unfolding at the corner of Edison Ave and Pauldo Street is an isolated incident. Detectives say they know who the shooter is thanks to witnesses who have come forward and cooperation from the victim. 

The victim, suffering non-life threatening injuries ran to the Stars Complex off Edison avenue seeking help. At the time, there were 130 children inside. 

A spokesperson with the Stars Complex says children were not exposed to any aspect of the incident but activities later that night were canceled as a safety precaution until police finished conducting their investigation. 

While the scenario was not threatening to any child or anyone else but the victim who was hit, it has some people in the community wondering if the center is prepared to handle a different scenario if crime strikes again. 

"They have steel doors that can't be opened from the outside, or access to bathrooms, there's no visible windows," Kirsten ODonnell, public information spokesperson with the City of Fort Myers said. "There's two areas within the complex that have been identified as very safe in a situation like this one."

ODonnell further explained there are other procedures in place, all staff is trained, and the campus is heavily patrolled by Fort Myers Police.

"There's very often a police presence at the Stars Complex or very, very close to the Stars Complex," ODonnell said. "I think that gives people a feeling of security as well."

Another spokesperson, with the Stars Complex, tells Four In Your Corner procedures are reviewed with facility staff periodically to ensure all procedures are up to date. They also have discussions of any changes that need to be made. 

As of tonight, Fort Myers Police says detectives are still working with the victim and there have been no charges made in this case.