Dogs seeking second chance after rescue

Posted at 10:45 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 22:45:06-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-  "Fear of leashes, the fear of noise. The fear of everything," said Jennifer Galloway, the executive director of Gulf Coast Humane Society. These are the struggles of the 32 dogs rescued by the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

They're learning to live a much better life.

"They have never been outside of a one bedroom trailer, never have felt grass. You know there was a lot of fear," said Galloway.

The two dogs huddling inside, Theon guarded Lexi. He protected her just like he did in the trailer.
The trio came in rough physical condition

"Some had heart worms. Some were emaciated," said Ashley Sanchez, who has worked closely with the three dogs.Leon actually needed emergency surgery to remove a blockage. But, it was the damage on the inside that needs mending.

"It was the emotional scarring that was so hard to see," said Galloway.

Theon and Sansa's injuries so severe that they couldn't be touched, Lexi is even more afraid. This is why the shelter is arranging for some special treatment.

"She is actually going to fly with Lexi to the location, where she is going to be at a rehab center through the ASPCA," said Galloway. Confident she'll get the help she needs.

"We really feel like they have the expertise to help her get to that next level," she added.

The other two dogs, Theon and Sansa are ready for adoption. However, you can't break them apart since they are a bonded pair.

"They might stress out if they are separated. It is comfort and love and an attachment they form, " said Sanchez.

The shelter is looking for donations to help cover Lexi's flight to the rehab facility. Gulf Coast Humane Society staff hopeful she'll be ready for adoption just like Theon and Sansa.