Severe winter weather up north causing delays, cancellations at RSW

Posted at 7:17 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 19:17:22-04

A late winter snowstorm in the northeast has caused thousands of flight delays and cancelations around the country. At Southwest Florida International Airport, most of the affected flights Tuesday were to, and from, Boston and New York.

Mike Dudgeon was waiting for his Tuesday evening flight to Boston after seeing his Red Sox play in spring training. Rough winter weather up north threw his travel plans a curve ball, cancelling several earlier flights he had booked.

"I've flown all over the country at various times," Dudgeon said. "But this weather-related (delay,) it's just a pain."

Weather in the Midwest hasn't been so great either. Jim Galloway and his wife's flight from Flint, Michigan was canceled, but they caught another plane from Detroit.

"We had to drive down from Flint to Detroit, and it was not much fun," Galloway said. "The roads were pretty bad."

Not all flight delays at RSW were weather-related. Terrell Foremar said he had to deplane his early morning United Airlines flight to Texas due to mechanical problems.

"We're here from Texas waiting all this time, trying not to fall asleep since 4:30 this morning," Firemar said. "And our plane doesn't leave until 7:27 (p.m.) We won't get home until 9:30 tonight."