Widespread storm damage in Golden Gate

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jan 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-17 22:59:25-05

GOLDEN GATE, FLA.- The severe storm that ripped through Collier County early Sunday morning left a trail of damage in Golden Gate.

It was still dark when residents of Sabal Key Apartments in Golden Gate realized some serious weather was coming through.

"We woke up to the phones going off - tornado warning," Sabal Key resident Scott Edwards said. "About 5:20-something is when it really started shaking."

"It sounded just like a big freight train going through," said Madeline Coffman, also a resident of Sabal Key. "We lost power, cable, everything."

When it was light enough outside to see, apartment residents saw fencing torn down, several trees overturned, and parts of the roof ripped off some of the buildings. A huge branch fell on top of at least one car, and fallen trees blocked off part of the parking lot.

There were similar scenes all over Golden Gate. Fallen trees blocked or partially blocked many roads, such as Hunter Boulevard. A huge awning was torn to shreds at one home on Coronado Parkway, and nearby a big tent was caught in the treetops.

Residents throughout Golden Gate were busy all day Sunday cleaning up the mess left in the storm's path.

Trucks from Florida Power & Light roamed the neighborhoods, as their crews worked to restore power to Golden Gate, as well as other parts of Collier County.