Series of car break-ins in Port Charlotte

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-25 22:37:11-05

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office is investigating a series of car break-ins in a Port Charlotte neighborhood.

The thieves got away with cash, checks, change, and even stole one man's truck.

Residents said at least six cars were broken into early Monday morning along Harbor Boulevard on Graham Street and Creek Drive.

Some neighbors said it's a quiet and safe area, while others said over the last few years, the crime rate has noticably risen.

Dina Enzor went to get into her car this morning and noticed one of her bags wasn't in it's usual spot.

"My glovebox was open, my center console was open, and everything had been pulled out and it was a mess," Enzor said.

Then she said she saw Charlotte County Sheriff's Office patrol cars near her home on Creek Drive and knew something was up.

Deputies told her there were a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood.

The thieves only stole some coins that were in a cup inside her car, but other neighbors weren't so lucky.

She said one man living near her on Creek Drive woke up to find his truck stolen.

It was later recovered down the road at the Port Charlotte Beach Complex.

On Graham Street, the break-in meant a potential hit to Ray Smith's business: the crooks could have had access to his banking accounts.

"They took my bank bag, which had a few checking accounts in it," Smith said. "I cancelled all the accounts this morning and then had to open new ones," he continued.

The crooks left a mess in his truck, and took hundreds of dollars in stolen cash and change.

Smith said this isn't a first.

"My house was burglarized about a year and a half ago. They broke into my garage, and now, they've broke into my truck last night," he said.

He told Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg he's ready to see an increase in patrols.

"We need to have some patrols in the neighborhood at night when all of this is happening," Smith said.

But Enzor said she's always felt safe, reminding you to always check your car doors.

"You just can't be too cautious with making sure you have everything locked up and secured the best you can," she said.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office spokesman said it's unknown if the burglaries in the area are related and no arrests have been made.

The truck that was stolen did have it's keys inside.

Deputies want to remind you to always lock your car doors and do not leave valuable items inside.