FGCU investigates second racially-charged message found on campus

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 02, 2016

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- For the second time in less than a month, Florida Gulf Coast University is investigating a racially-charged message discovered on a campus white board. 

The message, which read "noose tying 101," was found on a dry-erase board on Tuesday afternoon. 
According to FGCU police, someone visiting the library noticed the message and scribbled over it before notifying a library employee who then erased the message. 
"I just can't believe that happened again within three weeks," Megan Stapp, a junior psychology major at the university. 
In addition to a letter from University President Wilson Bradshaw, students received a crime alert from campus police stating the incident was under investigation.
The library incident happened less than a week after hundreds of FGCU students a long with several faculty members protested against the university's handling of a racist message left on a classroom white board. That message read  kill *n-words* and featured a picture of a stick-figure being hanged from a tree.
The message was reported on October 12th; however, President Bradshaw didn't address the matter or notify students until two weeks later calling it a "disturbing occurrence."
"At least this time the school didn't hide it, there was a notification about it but whoever is doing it I wish there was a way that we could find them quicker," said Sapp.
University police are investigating the library incident, along with the October message. 
"Now it's like they're getting more boldy (sic) now because before it was in a classroom, and now it's in a library where there's thousands of people's kids in there each day,"said Julieann Hanrahan, FGCU student.