School rape allegations raise security concerns

Posted at 6:53 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 18:53:28-05

Four In Your Corner is diving deeper into disturbing allegations at Lehigh Senior High School. A female student claims she was raped inside a bathroom during school hours. She says two students forced her to have oral sex. This isn't the first time the district has investigated sexual activity inside a school bathroom.

"I've heard a lot of crazy stuff going on here, " a Lehigh Senior High School student said. "It's just another thing to add to the list."

In August, two Varsity Lakes Middle School students admitted to having sex in a bathroom. South Fort Myers High made national headlines after deputies say several students were having sex in the bathroom.

"At school we're supposed to come and learn and not do all that inappropriate stuff," another Lehigh Senior High School Student said.

The principal at Lehigh Senior High School sent out an e-mail addressing the alleged crime on their campus, saying she can't share much because the Lee County Sheriff's Office is still conducting an active investigation. In the same e-mail she outlines new changes designed to stop students from cutting class.

"Since that happened, they've locked the bathroom doors - both of them," a Lehigh Senior High School student said. "The only one we can use is downstairs."

While the principal says changes weren't based on the rape allegations, students tell Four In Your Corner they feel they're suffering the consequences.

"It sucks for the people that did nothing to cause this," a student said. "It's not fair."

This recent rape allegation has students raising questions about security across Lee County schools.

Four in Your Corner asked the district how they are responding to incidents to keep students safe on school campuses, we are waiting on a response.