Sanibel Police responds to officer shooting

Sanibel Police responds to officer shooting
Posted at 8:59 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-21 21:01:32-05

The serenity of Sanibel has been shattered by a random act of violence against one of the island's finest police officers. A routine traffic stop turned dangerous for local police officer, Jarred Ciccone. As tensions between police and the public remain at a boiling across the nation, Four In Your Corner has been learning more about the officer shot in the line of duty and the man accused of pulling the trigger.

As of tonight, the suspected gunman, Jon Hay remains in the Lee County Jail without bond, charged with attempted first-degree murder. Investigators say the victim, officer Ciccone, is a veteran with the Sanibel Police Department and was working a traffic stop along Periwinkle Way when Hay allegedly drove by and shot into Ciccone's car. Hay was eventually arrested after a shootout with police at his parent's home on Sandcastle Road. 

According to the Sanibel Police Department, Hay has had 15 run-ins with police since 2006. One of the cases involved Hay calling the police claiming his ex-wife was going to take his stuff and that someone was keeping tabs on his house. Police have also responded to possible credit card fraud against him, as well as calls about someone trying to break in to his house and leaving syringes in his yard. 

Four In Your Corner spoke with Major James Phillip at the Sanibel Police Department about the senior officer in their department. 

"He's a great cop," Phillip said. "We love him. When I got the call, I was in shock."

Officer Ciccone was shot in the shoulder and was quickly treated at the hospital; he was one of four officers shot nationwide on Sunday.

"We brief our officers every day, every day about this type of activity," he said. "You see it in the news everyday and this just brings it home."

Four In Your Corner asked if the department would be making any changes with this recent incident, Major Phillips says there isn't any plan to make changes at the moment. 

"We're going to continue to do what we do, what the people expect from us," Phillip said. "We're going to protect the citizens and visitors here."

FDLE is working with the Sanibel Police Department on this investigation. A spokesperson with the department says they have been in constant communication with officer Ciccone and his family during this time.