Road rage incidents raising gun concerns

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 18:54:20-04
Driving to work, school or the grocery store, you may not know what the driver beside you is packing. 
A road rage incident caught on camera near Tampa shows an SUV and several motorcyclists on I-275. A confrontation then led to the driver shooting at one of the motorcyclists, hitting him in the ankle. This happened just a day before another road rage incident sparked gunfire in Cape Coral and it's raising questions about the dangers on the road and how many people carry guns in their cars.
Four In Your Corner found that more than 50,000 concealed permits have been issued in Lee County. That's about 11% of people old enough to own a gun. In Charlotte county, that number goes up to 12%. In Collier, we found that only 9% of people old enough to own a gun do, but that number is increasing every year.
But those numbers may not reflect the amount of people who actually ahve guns because gun owners don't need a permit to keep a gun in their car.
"Securely encased. That's the magical word that the Florida statutes are using is securely encased. It means it's accessible but you have to do something to get it out of," said John Johnson, a gun safety instructor at Guns 4 Less in Cape Coral.
And while everyone has the right to bear arms, FHP says people don't have the right to take a life.
"There's no room for violence or aggression on our roadways. We're all driving multiple thousand pound vehicles out there that have the capacity to hurt people," said FHP spokesman Lt. Greg Bueno.