Residents sound off on a noisy problem

Posted at 6:41 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 18:44:21-04
Residents living near a busy Cape Coral road are sounding off about what they consider a noisy problem.
"It's just getting worse, and getting worse," said Russell Allison, while on the phone with a district noise specialist at the Florida Department of Transportation. 
Allison told Fox 4 he called the state office after not being able to get more information from Lee County officials. 
"All I'm getting is declined, declined, declined," said Allison. "I'm not getting anywhere. They're not giving me the answers." 
Allison has been living in this home near Veterans Parkway and Santa Barbara Blvd for 16 years. He says noise from the nearby traffic is unbearable. 
"I just got over having cancer and I'm in remission. Now my brother has just been diagnosed with cancer and he's not able to sleep well because he's hearing traffic constantly up and down, up and down, "said Allison.
A mound of land across from his home serves as a barrier from Veterans Pkwy. Allison told Fox 4 the soil has eroded over the years, and it no longer serves its purpose. 
When he took his concerns to the county he says he wasn't given much direction. 
"They just said they're not going to do nothing and they have no authority," said Allison.
But he says some areas are fenced in. 
"There are walls up there to protect people who live the left and right side of them." 
Fox 4 drove to Del Prado, and a short section of walls. 
So we contacted the Lee County Department of Transportation to find out why a similar wall wasn't placed outside of Allison's neighborhood. 
The DOT said the walls were visual buffers and not sound barriers, and they only go up in communities built before new road construction begins. 
"They don't want to do anything for us because our houses aren't worth $350,000 or $400,000 like those homes are but we still have the same nuisance, "said Allison. 
The Lee county DOT told Fox 4 the county does not have a policy for noise abatement; however they are in contact with residents in the. The department says they will be looking into the condition of the barrier that is currently in the area.