Residents express fear over dangerous drivers

Posted at 6:52 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 18:55:42-04
Residents living behind the Coralwood shopping center are demanding change to a street they say has become a speedway. 
Concerns with drivers passing through SE 17th Street and 21st Lane in Cape Coral has residents living there revved up with anger. 
"Wondering when they're going to come through my pool or into my bedroom and kill me," said a resident at a meeting with Cape Coral's Traffic Advisory Board Wednesday morning.  
"Let's try stop signs and see how it works. That's probably the cheapest way," said a second resident. 
More than a dozen people attended the meeting including Cape Coral Police Sergeant Jon Kulko who heads the Traffic Department. 
"Please, do something about our street to make it safe," pleaded another resident. 
Chip Greene has been living directly behind the Coralwood Shopping Center since 2010. He says he has been contact with Cape Coral police for four years but hasn't seen a change. 
"We understand there's man power issues and we get that, so they're not going to enforce their way out of this," said Greene. 
Fox 4 went to Cape Coral Police Department to ask what was being done. 
"Currently we are conducting selective traffic enforcement in that neighborhood," said Sergeant Kulko.  
Sgt. Kulko told Fox 4 the traffic department has done 11 enforcement stops since January. They stopped 6 drivers for violating the speed limit. Kulko says he plans to conduct more stops in the near future. 
It's a small glimmer of hope for residents there. 
"What we're hoping is to get the wheels of the city to start turning, but they certainly are not going to turn as fast as the wheels are turning on 17th place. They're turning entirely too fast out here," said Greene.