Residents oppose potential Circle K in SE Cape Coral

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 07:46:27-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Dozens of residents in Cape Coral are expressing their concern about a proposed Circle K on the corner of Country Club Boulevard and SE 26th Street out of fear of increased traffic and crime. 

“We really object to Circle K,” said First Church of Christ, Scientist member Edward Minozzi.  


First Church of Christ, Scientist has occupied the building across the street from the empty lot where Circle K could soon be built since the 1960s.


“I’d like to see him be able to sell his property and profit, but not, but not in this case," said Minozzi. 


It's been several years since developers proposed building a gas station along the street corner off Country Club Boulevard. However, the Cape Coral City Council is now faced with making a final decision on turning this lot into a Circle K. 


“We’d really like to see the property developed but more for a business application,” said Minozzi. 


The church believes moving forward means more traffic and other neighbors agree. 


"For a residential neighborhood connected with a ball park over here, two churches, this is not the location for Circle K,” said Cape Coral resident Jeff Maddy. 


Those who live nearby believe cars will drive through the surrounding streets as a cut-through to the gas station. 


“And that’s a terrible thought if you live in a residential neighborhood that your kids aren’t going to be safe enough to want to play outside or safe enough to even be able to play outside,” said Maddy


Church leaders said they've met with the land owner several times and while they respect his desire to sell the property, they wish the end result would be much different. 


“Gas stations are built on a much larger parcel so they are going to be crowding in quite a few pumps and i think it’s going to cause problems long term,” said Minozzi.