Owners of starved dog sought

Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 07:24:46-05
CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Abel is one of the happiest dogs you can meet despite all that he's been through.
"This is long-term starvation. This is watching this dog slowly die in front of your eyes and being okay with that," said Trinity Hansen, Big Hearts for Big Dogs Director. 
His body is somewhat like a battleground, bearing the scars of a long fight against abuse. 
Hansen, an animal rescue worker, says Abel is one of the worst cases of abuse she has seen.  "This whole part of him should stand straight up, and upright," said Hansen as she points out the curvature in Abel's spine. "This should be flat. You can see where he's crotched down and that's probably because that's as high as he could stand in whatever he was in."
The severely emaciated pup was found starving, walking the streets along Skyline Boulevard and Trafalgar Parkway in Cape Coral on February 29th.  
Pictures taken at the Lee County Domestic Animal Services, show just how bad things had gotten. 
Each day is a battle for survival for the boxer mix, who at the moment, can't handle a full meal.  "Something as simple as one can of food could in essence kill him because at this point his liver is not really functioning," said Hansen.
While Abel works on getting back to normal, Hansen is hoping whoever did this to him will face the consequences. 
"There is someone out there who knows who the owner of this dog was, they recognize this dog and without their help their won't be justice for Abel." 
If you have any information about Abel's owners, contact Lee County Domestic Animal Services (239) 533-7387.