Report: Officer's intimate relations with inmate

Posted at 10:16 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 22:16:31-04

A Corrections Officer was fired after an Internal Investigation revealed she had an unprofessional relationship with an inmate.

Deputy Latisha Watkins is a Lee County Sheriff's Office Deputy who detectives said got a little too close to inmate Lequana Dixon.

It all started when Dixon's cell mate told detectives she overheard Dixon and Deputy Watkins having an "explicit" conversation, then saw Dixon expose herself to Watkins.

There wasn't evidence to prove those allegations to be true, but the Sheriff's Office launched an Internal Affairs Investigation, ultimately finding Watkins relationship with the inmate unprofessional.

Dixon is serving time for fraud, and told detectives Watkins was her "boo," and they talked for hours about personal matters, but said they are not romantically involved.

Dixon did confess Watkins had given her her personal cell phone number and encouraged her to call whenever she wanted to discuss private issues.

During one of those calls, the recording revealed Dixon lamented about being "broke" and told Watkins she really needed help.

The Sheriff's report goes on tos ay someone did deposit $50 into Dixon's account, but they couldn't trace who put it there.

Watkins denied she did it, but did admit she stepped over the professional line in her relationship with Dixon, admitting she gave her her personal phone number and discussed her personal life with her several times.

Watkins also said Dixon made sexually explicit comments to her, but said she ignored them.

Fox 4 reached out to Watkins on Facebook but has not heard back.

We also tried to track down Dixon's cell mate who made the accusations in the first place - she's been released from jail - but we were unable to make contact with her at either of her listed addresses.