Reaction to planned protest outside mayors home

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 18:56:04-05
FORT MYERS, FLA. -- "No justice ! No peace ! No racist police !" is the message shouted through a megaphone by Fort Myers protesters throughout the week. It's the cry of men and women who feel minorities are being unjustly pulled over in the city of Fort Myers.
Tomorrow they plan to bring these protests to Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson's home. But some of them may be paid protesters. Local community activist Anthony Thomas posted on his Facebook Monday, 
" Two local business owners have step forward and offer to pay $8 an hour to any citizen willing to protest outside Fort Myers Mayor Henderson home."
Sheriff Scott had this to say at a banquet Friday with Fort Myers business owners. "It's a shame that someone has to come up and be a rebel rouser and offer $8 dollars an hour to people who to my knowledge have never had gainful employment."
That comment didn't sit well with organizer Anthony Thomas. "The comments are ridiculous. He doesn't know the employment history of those people who are going to protest and for him to make a statement like that is shameful."
Protesters plan to continue the message they delivered outside the Police Department Monday, holding signs voicing displeasure with the department. But Mike Scott made himself clear on his feelings if the same demonstration came to his doorstep. "I don't care if they pay $8 dollars an hour or $10 dollars an hour, if they come to my house, I'll be ready for them."
A statement prompting a standing ovation among Lee County business leaders this morning. But one Thomas feels gets us further from solving the issues at hand. "It causes many of our citizens especially our citizens of color to look at him as suspect. It's unfortunate."