Rain hampers mosquito fighting efforts

Posted at 11:11 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 23:12:04-04

A rainy week in Collier County is making the job of combating mosquitoes tougher.   Planes are unable to fly in the weather because the pesticides they use are rendered in effective.  

"We put it out of the aircraft in very, very tiny droplets and rainfall simply washes it out of the atmosphere," said Collier's mosquito control director Patrick Linn.

Mosquitoes also can't take flight in this weather but they are still breeding in puddles around your home.

"The thing to remember is drain and cover," said Linn.

That may be easier said than done in some places that have major mosquito problems.

"You can flap your hands like this and literally it's like the rain coming down," said Ruth Banks as she described the situation in her neighborhood off Holly Avenue and Bayshore Drive.

"It floods down here, and the drainage system goes down pretty fast, but as you can see, the water still stands," said Banks.

Weather permitting Thursday night, crews were scheduled to spray over Ave Maria and South Naples.

"We know that they're bad almost everywhere right now, and weather permitting we'll be back out there to get the numbers down again," said Linn.

The pesticides used by the Collier County Mosquito Control are not %100 effective against mosquitoes that carry Zika.

For that, officials say you should buy foggers at home improvement stores.  Most of the Zika carrying mosquitoes gather close to homes.