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Protecting sea turtles

Protecting sea turtles
Posted at 8:11 PM, Jul 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-19 20:11:05-04

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida says they have recorded more than 330 nests this season.

Officials say it's important to understand how to protect sea turtles.

Sea turtles face many threats throughout their life, and a big obstacle they have to overcome is pollution.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida is asking the public to keep beaches clean, make sure to knock down sand castles, and fill any holes before leaving, so baby sea turtles don't fall in the hole.

If you are on the beach at night, turn off any lights, flashlights can disturb nesting families, and can cause hatchlings to become disoriented and head away from the water. Lastly, do not leave plastic on the beach.