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Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife receives grant from the Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program

CROW awarded Sea Turtle grant
Posted at 10:20 AM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-10 10:20:22-04

SANIBEL, Fla. — The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) recently received a grant for $10,258 from the Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program, funded by the sales of the sea turtle specialty license plate.

As the only licensed sea turtle rehabilitator between Sarasota and the Florida Keys, CROW plays an important role in preserving the health of sea turtles in Southwest Florida.

In recent years, CROW has helped pioneer research develop a treatment for sea turtles affected by red tide poisoning, significantly increasing their survival rate.

CROW was awarded the grant to support the purchase and installation of a new hoist, gurney, and scale for treating sick or injured sea turtles.
The new equipment will help aid the treatment of loggerhead sea turtles that can weigh 200 pounds or more.

It's rewarding to know that so many people share our concern for Florida's sea turtles, What we do in this state has a dramatic impact on sea turtle populations around the world. By purchasing the sea turtle specialty plate, Floridians are voluntarily funding important programs to save these amazing creatures.
David Godfrey, Sea Turtle Conservancy Executive Director