Could the flu really have killed Prince?

Posted at 10:48 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 22:48:24-04

When Prince was flying back from a concert six days ago his plane made an emergency landing.  He was rushed to a hospital.

His representatives said it was because of the flu. This could be a wake up call to Americans for how dangerous the flu actually is.

The flu brings up the image of keeping us bedridden. But it's much more dangerous than that.

Doctor Rick Wilson is a general practitioner in Sanibel. He says many of us don't realize how serious the flu really is. It kills thousands of people in this country each year.

Working as a musician could have also made Prince more vulnerable. 

"You're compromised by something usually it is some kind of chronic illness," said Dr. Wilson.

""They work very very hard, they work long hours. he didn't get to where he is by just taking it easy," he said.

Dr. Wilson says the best protection against the flu is to get the flu shot. He also recommends you should make sure you go to your doctor to be sure you don't have any underlying conditions which could make the flu more dangerous.

TMZ reported late Thursday the real reason why Prince's plane made an emergency landing was because he overdosed.