LCSO: Cameras in roller rink bathroom fake

Posted at 6:33 PM, Feb 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 18:49:39-05

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla.-  UPDATE: A Lee County Sheriff's Office investigation has determined that the cameras in the bathroom at the Palace Roller Rink were indeed fake and that no laws were broken.

The owner does plan to take the fake cameras down in light of the controversy.


A Cape Coral father expressed concern after seeing what appeared to be video cameras in the bathroom of a popular kids spot.

He sent us photos of possible video cameras at Palace Roller Rink in North Fort Myers.

"Immediately disgusted. It just makes you sick to your stomach," Joseph Miceli, a father of three, said.

He said when he went to use the men's room at the rink he saw cameras pointing directly at the urinals.

"I sent my wife into the women's bathroom and same situation, but at least there are stall doors in the women's restrooms," Miceli said.

He called the Lee County Sheriff's Office, and detectives wrote up an incident report but are still investigating.

"You just think of the worst coming to your mind, seeing something like that. With all of the predators out there, it's just completely disgusting," Miceli said.

He said the owner of the rink said the cameras were fake to discourage kids from acting inappropriately in the bathrooms.

Miceli also said a deputy told him they're sending out an audio-visual investigator to check and see if the cameras are fake.

"There's wires sticking out of them. They look hooked up," Miceli said.

The owner of Palace Roller Rink, Sandi Dold, said that's the point.

She said she understands Miceli's concerns, but the dummy cameras are meant to deter kids in the rink from fighting or engaging in illegal activity in the bathrooms.

Dold has owned the rink since it opened 36 years ago and calls herself a glorified babysitter who puts the kids' best interest first.

"They should be taken down. That's not something that should be in a restroom. It's just weird," Miceli said.

The law does say cameras or recordings are not allowed in bathrooms or other private areas, but Fox 4 could not find anything clear cut about dummy cameras in these places.

The Department of Justice says dummy cameras should not be used for liability reasons.

Dold said she plans to take them down with the Sheriff's Office present.