Police, locals react to gun disguised as iPhone

Posted at 4:04 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 06:07:19-04

It looks like a smartphone, but it's really a gun, and it's just one of the latest disguised weapons that could become available soon.

Some say it's a way to keep your protection hidden, but others say it's a safety hazard.

Newsy said the creator of the gun got the idea after he brought his gun into a Minnesota restaurant and got some unwanted attention for it.

Ideal Conceal said the gun holds two .38-caliber bullets.

You press the safety once, and a handle releases; then the gun is ready to fire.

"WIth that, an accident is just around the corner waiting to happen," David Grass of Cape Coral said.

"I would rather a gun look like a gun than to be a suitcse, a phone," Nathan Henning of Cape Coral said.

Henning has three kids and said he supports 2nd Amendment rights, but has concerns.

"These young kids, if this thing can look just like a phone, they bring it into schools, that's terrible. Especially with all of the school shootings they have right now. I couldn't even imagine," he said.

"You know children. They see stuff like that, they want to play with it. 'Oh, what is this?' Then bam, they shot themselves," Grass said.

Grass also wonders about the safety of law enforcement when it comes to these guns.

"Somebody reaches, 'Oh... I'm just getting my cell phone,' Well, now, which cell phone are you getting? The one that's a gun, or the one you call your wife, or your mother, or your kids on?" he said.

Sgt. Dana Coston of Cape Coral Police said this gun is just the latest in a trend of weapons in disguise.

"All of which are a danger to law enforcement, and make us have to be extra vigilant when we're dealing with the public," Sgt. Coston said. "It also makes officers have to take a second look at any cell phone they come across when they're dealing with a subject."

To stay ahead of the curve, Sgt. Coston said weapons like these are incorporated into their training.

Grass said he wishes they'd just disappear.

"Come on people, lets get along. Let's not look for more ways to hurt each other. Let's look for ways to help each other," he said.

Newsy said the weapon is expected to go on sale at some point this year, and cost $395.