'Peeing' T-shirt concerns council candidates

Character wears Trump hat on shirt
Posted at 10:46 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 06:43:45-04

There are 8 candidates running for Marco Island city council next month, and the names of four of them wound up on a T-shirt that shows a kid urinating on the name of Councilman Amadeo Petricca.  

"It's disgusting, and we condemn it," said Councilman Larry Honig, who is one of the four names on the shirt.

Petricca, who is not up for reelection this year did not want to be interviewed for this story.

"When you look at the t-shirt, clearly 5 people are seriously harmed, I'd like to know who produced it," said Honig, who is running for reelection.

Candidate Jared Grifoni's name also appears on the shirt, which shows the kid wearing a hat very similar to GOP Nominee Donald Trump's moniker "Make America Great Again".

"I was surprised and disappointed" said Grifoni  I'm trying to run a positive, issued based campaign, I know many other candidates are here, and frankly we have a lot of division on the island."

Grifoni and Honig say the can't connect the shirts to outrage over a proposed hotel at Veterans Park, which resulted in testy exchanges among council members at a meeting last month.
Honig says the shirts show that lack of decorum exists not just at the presidential level, but locally as well.
"It does disturb me, but as important as the loss of civility is we lose our focus on the issues."
Fox 4 reached out to Howard Reed and Charlette Roman, who's names were also on the shirt, but we haven't heard back.