Party-goers flock to Bonita Beach

Posted at 10:42 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 22:42:16-04

"Happy 4/20! And you know, rock and roll," said Jesse Castelli.

Castelli and his friend Nick Fenske were just one of many rocking and rolling today at Big Hickory Island. The occasion? A 4/20 sandbar party.

People parked their cars and hopped onto kayaks, jet skis and boats to party on the Big Hickory sandbar to celebrate 4/20.

"It was pretty booming," said Jesse.

Jesse and Nick one of the many who kayaked through the marsh in order to get to the party. They estimate about two hundred people in attendance.

"Everyone had a good time. Everyone enjoyed it," said Nick. "It was tasteful and nice," he added.

"People having a great time," said Jesse. "What you would imagine a good time on the sandbar with a whole bunch of boats and people just having a couple drinks and just having fun."

Everyone had fun but followed the rules.

"Everyone was safe, everyone was completely safe. Very responsible," said Jesse.

The responsible party-goers had some advice for those thinking about heading to a sandbar fiesta. In order to enjoy the sights and sounds you need some sort of water transport.

"Take a boat, a boat is way better than kayaking, I'll guarantee you that," said Jesse.